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How to Blow Away Your Neighbors With the Garage of Your Dreams

1 Keeping a secret to yourself is not easy, especially when your secret is a stunning new garage. Go ahead and brag about how your new garage, custom designed by Garage Design Works, functionally organizes your supplies. And it doesn’t hurt to show off your stunning epoxy-finished floor either! Read below for a few features and tips from Garage Design Works, your Orlando garage storage system team, to enhance the beauty of your garage.

  • Get Rid of Junk: Take a practical look at the items in your garage. If you are using your garage to remove items from the house and you can live without them, have a garage sale to clear out the clutter, or donate the items. The remaining items can be stored with help from Garage Design Works.
  • Beautify the Floor: Before you move anything back to the garage, invite Garage Design Works to epoxy coat the floor. With an exciting array of colors and textures, your floor will look great and remain beautiful for decades.
  • Cabinets: A breathtaking floor deserves cabinetry to complement it. Garage Design Works can plan the perfect layout that will keep your woodworking tools, yard tools, car tools, etc., orderly. With overhead cabinets above a workbench and storage cabinets below, your tools will have a permanent home instead of being kicked around the perimeter of the garage.
  • Wall Mounts: Walls are no exception to a garage makeover: Gladiator® wall systems mount directly to existing wall boards and give a clean look to the surfaces they cover. Add hooks, baskets, and bins in clusters to group your items.
  • Ceiling Mounts: For large, seasonal items, choose a ceiling-mounted storage system. Running the width of a standard garage bay door, these storage systems utilize the room between the ceiling and garage door. With items in clear bins, it is easy to see what is stored above without taking down the bin and opening it up. Even better, the items are out of sight until they are needed.

Garage makeovers are a breeze when you work with the experts at Garage Design Works. Their team will assist in every step of the process to ensure the garage of your dreams is functional as well as beautiful. Your neighbors will gasp in admiration every time your garage door reveals the new Orlando garage storage system inside. Contact us at (407) 447-8890 today.

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