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How to Boost Your Yard Work Efficiency with Organization

9.19.17 GDW Taking good care of your yard often requires keeping various yard tools on hand to make your job easier. Since storage space is limited inside of your home, the best alternative for storing these handy tools is usually your garage. While it’s great to have someplace to keep outdoor tools and supplies, the downside is having a mixture of tools stashed here and there, with no real system of organization. If you feel annoyed each time you head into the garage to retrieve hedge clippers, rakes, shovels, and grass trimmers, it’s time for an Orlando home organization update.

Organizing Large Tools
There’s no better place than the garage to store a variety of large tools that are routinely used for outdoor yard work. The biggest are the lawnmower, wheelbarrow, and ladders followed by rakes, shovels, saws, trimmers, and gas blowers. All these items take up lots of garage space, but you can utilize wall space to make these tools more visible, and easily reachable.

Select a modern slat wall system that includes grooves for adjustable hooks. The slats create attractive horizontal storage in sections, or across an entire wall. Wall slats combined with specially designed metal hooks are sturdy enough to securely hold a bulky wheelbarrow, short and tall ladders, hoses, and your collection of manual and motorized tools that easily fit side-by-side on the wall.

Organizing Small Tools
Small hand tools such as gardening shears, diggers, and pliers are every bit as important to yard work as larger tools but require more organization to find. You may want to devote a section of slat wall to hang these tools, or you can choose contemporary garage cabinets with extension shelves or deep drawers to keep track of various collections of hand tools and accessories. Storing these tools inside of cabinets removes clutter and keeps them safely away from small children and pets.

Organizing Supplies
When organizing various supplies used for yard work, the frequency of use should be a consideration. Consider grouping supplies together according to seasonal needs or tasks. For instance, bags of potting soil, seeds, watering cans, and growing solutions stay accessible inside a designated metal garage cabinet with adjustable shelves. Directly above, you can place your collection of empty planters on an overhead storage platform.

Proper Storage Extends Tool Life
Protecting your investment in valuable yard tools is a good reason to begin working on your organization plan. When all your tools have a designated storage spot, they are better protected from damages due to accidents or neglect.

Cut time and effort from your yard work duties with an efficiency-boost to your Orlando home organization plan from Garage Design Works. Contact us online or call 407-447-8890 for a free consultation.

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