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Bring the Gym to You

weight-lifting-1284616_1280 Like many Americans, you may have had gym memberships in the past. The first week is an all-out quest to try out every piece of equipment and attend as many classes as possible. By the second week, the novelty begins to wear a little thin and your muscles are too sore to attend classes. By the third week, you may set aside a few hours a week to work out, but the spontaneity is gone and the amount of effort it takes to pack your supplies, work out at the gym, shower, and go about your daily routine no longer seems worth it. It just seems easier to climb the stairs as opposed to riding the escalator in the mall instead of working out at the gym. Garage Design Works has a better Orlando garage idea than investing in a gym membership – invest in gym equipment! With a home gym, you can keep all your supplies in one location and never miss a workout. Here are some home gym considerations:

  • Your garage floor is the first consideration for a home gym. Working out with metal weights can damage a cement floor. An epoxy floor covering will not only keep the weights from damaging the floor, it will be easier on your joints as you work out.


  • Depending on your workout plans, your equipment will vary. If you plan on using your garage as a gym and a place to park your vehicle, invest in foldaway equipment such as treadmills that can fold flat rather than take up valuable floor space. If you plan on using free weights, storing the bar standing upright against the wall saves space or, if it is a larger Olympic bar, slide it against the wall when not in use. The weights can be stored on a weight rack flush with the wall.


  • Accessories can be easily located when stored in bins, metal baskets, or on hooks that hang from a Gladiator slatted wall system. Workout gloves and belts can be stored in one bin while resistance bands, jump ropes, push-up bars and other accessories reside in a second bin.


  • If your workout consists of videos, a Gladiator Wall Gearbox can store the DVDs while a rolling Gearbox is perfect as a storage area for steps or platforms for aerobics. The top of the standing Gearbox serves as a perfect location to leave towels and water bottles as you work out.

Whether you convert a large section of your garage to a permanent gym or simply store supplies against the wall to work out once or twice a week, having the perfect Garage Design Works tools and accessories will organize your workouts so you dedicate more time to working out and less time driving to the gym or searching all over the house looking for the appropriate gear. Call the Orlando garage idea specialists at 407-447-8890. Our team can give you great ideas, help you plan your workout area, and organize all the parts to economize the floor space with top quality furnishings and parts. Reorganize your garage; your workout awaits.

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