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Build Your Hobbies in Your Reorganized Garage

photo-1995691_1920 Your wife just found a fishhook in the carpet and is distressed. This is not the first time she has been upset by your hobbies invading the dining room. Where else can you work on fishing lures, though? It seems the house is just not big enough for your family, pets, and your hobbies. Garage Design Works has a plan on how you can keep everyone in the house happy with Orlando garage storage and organization plans that will convert a portion of your garage into an area where you can enjoy your favorite hobbies.

Room to Grow

Some hobbies, such as model airplanes, have tiny pieces requiring small bins that can easily fit inside a Gladiator Gearchest; working on these models often takes place in a chair at a countertop. Others, such as all-terrain vehicles, take up large sections of floor space and their upkeep entails heavy lifting and large hand tools that can be stored in a Gearlocker. Determine the amount of floor space necessary for your project, then cheat it outward because it always spreads out more than you imagine.

Tool Storage

Gather all the tools you will need for your hobby and picture how you can organize and store them. Do you need open shelving? Closed Gladiator Premier Series cabinets and a work station? A rolling Modular Gearbox? Small bins or large containers? A visit to Garage Design Works can open the door to choices on the best organization for your project.

Understand Power Requirements

If your hobby involves bodywork and welding, it may make sense to hire an electrician to install a 220-volt outlet. Many hobbies require multiple power tools; ensure you have plenty of outlets near where you plan on working. A good design allows an outlet every six feet along the wall. Ensure your outlets are at the height you want so you are not constantly bending under a tabletop to plug in a soldering gun, for instance.


The latest in technology are LED lights. These bright lights are energy efficient and quite powerful. Installing lighting over your project area is a must.

Your garage’s versatility is endless. With a two-car garage, you can easily dedicate one-half of the garage to hobbies and the other half to parking the family car. If you wish to work on your project and maintain two cars in the garage, planning the layout with the experience of Garage Design Works is crucial. Our ideas can outfit your hobby area with all the accouterments necessary while maintaining a level of organization that will allow multiple vehicles to remain in the garage. Give the Orlando garage storage team at Garage Design Works a call at 407-447-8890 for a free consultation, and read our blog page for an abundance of clever ideas on how you can organize the garage of your dreams.

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