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Can’t Park? Try Overhead Storage

Every homeowner knows how quickly the garage can become an overcrowded, catch-all room. There’s only so much floor space, and between your car, lawn equipment, beach chairs, tools, and seasonal decor, it fills up pretty quickly. But with overhead storage, you can reclaim your garage space!

More Floor Space
Bulky items take up functional space in your garage, making it difficult to stay organized. Our ONRAX Enduro-Deck decking system boasts the highest weight rating of any ceiling-mounted storage unit on the market, up to 800 pounds, and allows you to store even the heaviest items in a convenient fashion. By storing these items overhead in previously unused space, it’s easier to park your car and utilize your garage more effectively.

Improved Storage
You don’t want your Christmas ornaments or favorite jack-o-lantern to take up storage space in your home year-round! After a holiday has passed, collect the decorations and place them in their respective bins, then bring them back to the garage. This applies to things such as extra luggage, camping equipment, or spare beach towels as well.

Say Goodbye to Water Damage
It’s Florida, and unfortunately, that means there’s a lot of rain — and sometimes garages can flood. All it takes is a little bit of water to cause significant damage to valuable belongings. Utilize overhead storage to lift those valuables out of harm’s way.

Stay Away From Pests
If you like to store extra pet food or linen sets in your garage, it’s likely to attract all sorts of unwanted pests. Overhead storage helps keep your items out of pests’ reach. Put your belongings in a bin, cover it, and store it above your car.

Better Organization
Overhead storage is an easy way to stay organized, minimize clutter, and keep track of where your things are stored. By taking an extra five minutes to clearly label each of your storage bins, you can save yourself time in the future and make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Save on a Storage Unit
Why spend your hard-earned money each month to store your things away from home? That’s an expensive, inefficient, and time-consuming option. Don’t waste your time driving back and forth from a storage unit! Instead, opt for overhead storage and keep that money in your packet.

With Orlando garage organization, you can reclaim your floor space, stay organized, and keep valuable items away from pest and water damage. Contact the experts at Garage Design Works at 407-447-8890 to find out how overhead storage can transform your garage.