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Categorize and Maximize Your Space

Garages offer ample extra storage space, but without an organization plan, this can easily go to waste. Designating zones for different items can help you improve your Orlando garage organization strategy, keep track of everything in your garage, and prevent messy clutter.

The Now Zone

Create a “now zone” for things you want to grab quickly with little to no hassle. This zone could include cleaning supplies, pantry food, beverages, paper supplies, or pet food. For convenience, this zone works best when situated near the door entrance that leads directly into the home.

Frequent Zone

Items that are used daily, weekly, or monthly can be assigned to this zone. These things are used often, but they’re not as essential to daily life. This is a great place for extracurricular or hobby equipment such as bicycles, skateboards, golf clubs and surfboards. You may also want to store brooms, shovels, rakes, or bird feed in this zone.

Transition Zone

This is the perfect space to store things when you move from outside to inside such as raincoats, shoes, leashes, keys, and umbrellas. You could also consider creating a mudroom space near the main door.

Work Zone

Create the perfect space for working on your favorite hobbies, like woodworking, artwork, gardening, or yoga. Your garage can even double as your home office area, and you can quickly create a professional work space using Everest White Cabinets that come in a variety of sizes and configurations. Using these will help you keep clutter off of the floor or out of your work space, and encourage you to stay organized.

Large and Bulky Zone

Finally, designate a zone for storing large, bulky items that take up a lot of floor space and aren’t used often. This category includes summer patio furniture, camping tents, pool accessories, or holiday decorations.

Expert Zone Planning

Garage Design Works specializes in assisting homeowners with custom Orlando garage organization. Let us help you create storage zones by setting up a free design consultation today.

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