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Common Q&As about Epoxy Garage Floor

IMG952003.jpg Epoxy floor coating is versatile enough to cover almost any surface – cement, tile, wood, brick, or linoleum – as long as the base surface is smooth. The application should not be considered a do-it-yourself weekend project. However, let the Orlando garage floors experts at Garage Design Works apply the epoxy finish. Following is a list of flooring questions and answers to aid in your decision to install the perfect floor.

Q: What sort of prep work is required before installing an epoxy floor?

A:  Before flooring is poured, the base surface needs to be thoroughly cleaned. Epoxy should stick to the floor, not to loose dirt on the surface. Any large divots or wide fissures will be filled and leveled beforehand, and we will ensure the surface is level as well. If the surface of your floor is painted, we will be sure the paint is solid with no flakes, and scrape off any flakes and sand any suspicious areas.

Q: How long does it take to apply an epoxy finish?

A: Depending on the size of your garage or other area to be coated, it could take anywhere from a few hours to most of the day.

Q: Once the epoxy coating is applied, how long does it take to dry?

A: Drying time is extremely rapid. Curing begins in less than half an hour, and most floors are ready to walk on within a day. You can begin parking your vehicles in the garage anywhere from three days to a week later. High humidity adds to drying time, so be patient; if your car has been on the road for a long period of time on an extremely hot day and you park it on a newly finished floor, it can cause the epoxy to lift off the surface of the floor. After a week of fully curing, though, it is safe to drive on the surface, no matter the temperature or humidity.

Q: Once my floor has an epoxy finish, do I have to be careful with it?

A: Epoxy floor coverings are extremely durable and easy to clean. Spills wipe away effortlessly, and epoxy flooring is impervious to most chemicals. Blunt force is not recommended; use a rubber pad under motorcycle kickstands or floor jacks. Otherwise, your epoxy coating should last for decades.

Garage Design Works will gladly answer any additional questions you have pertaining to epoxy floor coatings. Give the Orlando garage floors team a call at 407-447-8890 for more information.

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