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Comparing Different Types of Garage Flooring

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Finishing your garage floors can set your space apart from your neighbors’. While the standard concrete floors are functional, wear and tear on them over time can lead to particulates and an unsightly appearance. There are several options for finishing your garage floor, and they typically come down to coatings versus coverings. Here are the most popular options:

Garage floor coverings: Rubber

Rubber mats and tiles can be a great DIY solution for a garage space, especially if it’s a high-traffic area in your home. They’re flexible and can often come in interlocking patterns. You can also use rubber mats for only a portion of the garage, like a section for your home gym or children’s play area. Rubber mats are also relatively easy to clean. 

Garage floor coverings: Stone

Stone flooring — sandstone, flagstone, etc. — can be a stunning addition to your garage. However, this flooring is often the most expensive option available. If you live in a cold climate, stone flooring can make your garage feel much colder than it would be normally. 

Paint floor coatings

Looking for a simple solution to unsightly concrete garage floors? Concrete floor paint can give an old floor new life. They can come in satin or non-slip finishes, and paint floor coatings are typically resistant to stains. 

Epoxy coatings

If you’re looking for garage flooring that lasts, epoxy coatings are the fit for your garage. They’re durable and give a showroom sheen to your garage space, no matter what you use the space for. Epoxy floors come in a variety of attractive options, and they’re easy to clean. Want to see how cool epoxy coatings can look? Check out our gallery of client work and see how we transformed other spaces. 

Break away from boring concrete garage floors with lasting solutions that are right for your needs. At Garage Design Works, one of Orlando’s leading garage design companies, we equip customers with beautiful epoxy flooring they’ll love for years. Schedule a free virtual consultation with our team.