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Convert Your Garage to the Ultimate Car Workshop

9.14.17 GDW Turning your garage into a bona fide car workshop is an exciting idea, and it’s time to start planning your dream home workshop. That includes looking at cool options for new Orlando Garage Organization. Before you can make it happen, you’ll need a thorough organization plan.

Car Repair Layout
Take a good look inside of your garage and envision where you’d like to set up car repair operations. Whether you enjoy working on old classic cars or new ones, you’ll need plenty of space to work on the car without bumping into things. Create a workspace by clearing the floor as much as possible using a slat wall storage system such as the one made by Gladiator. This system smartly uses wall space in order to organize items that must be stored in the garage, but aren’t directly related to car repair. You can secure gardening tools, hoses, power tools, and even bicycles to the wall, and strong hooks ensure items stay put.

The perimeter of your car repair area is the perfect place to install durable Gladiator metal cabinets. Modular metal cabinets designed for tool storage come in rolling wheel and wall mount versions. When done with your tools they can be easily stored away and out of sight.

Storing Car Care Items
In addition to tools, chances are you’ll need storage for a bevy of car care products and accessories. Consider using one or more tall Gladiator two-door metal cabinets with adjustable shelves for storing the bulk of these items. There may be some items such as cleaners, polishes, and waxes that you want to keep within easy reach. These things can sit inside of an open basket secured to a section of slat wall.

Make Use of Overhead Storage
Metal overhead storage systems consist of open metal platforms with adjustable arms attached to the ceiling. A row of platforms provides durable storage space for tires, portable gasoline containers, and bins filled with various odds and ends. Overhead storage is ideal for rarely used items that don’t neatly fit anywhere else.

Switch to No-Hassle Flooring
While you’re re-doing your garage design, take the opportunity to jazz up your workshop flooring. ArmorSeal epoxy flooring comes in several cool patterns, and makes cleaning a breeze. Cement floors stain easily, and since you can’t rule out spills from oils and fluids, choosing a premium or platinum level epoxy finish ensures the garage floor looks awesome year-round.

Get Workshop Planning Help
Garage Design Works can help you get your Orlando garage organized so you can get to planning your ideal car repair workshop right away! Call us today at (407) 447-8890 or drop us an online note to set up a free consultation.

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