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How to Create a Garage Craft Room

Carving out an arts and crafts space inside your home can be challenging when workspace is limited. Using your dining room table or bedroom floor is better than nothing, but with the help of a contemporary Orlando garage storage system, all of your craft room dreams can come true.

Why Slat Wall Systems are Great for Crafting

The key to making your garage a suitable craft room is to maximize every inch of available storage space. Slat wall systems combine eye-appealing wall tracks and a variety of hooks, making it easy to hang craft supplies and tools directly on the walls for easy access. Frequently used items like scissors can hang from wall hooks. Other items such as needles, paint brushes, thread spools, and decorative accent items can sit inside baskets or on top of shelves attached to the slat wall.

Basket Storage

Choose baskets with open designs that allow you to see what’s inside. While it’s always best to use a square or rectangular shape, the size should be dictated by the type of items you intend to store. Divide baskets to hold designated categories such as paint, stencils, molding clay, and ribbon. Larger baskets can hold a collection of colored markers, jars filled with beads, or even colorful yarn balls. Special hooks secure baskets firmly in place as you add or remove items.

Shelf Storage

Enjoy the full benefits of a slat wall system by selecting several versatile shelves. You can place them side by side, vertically, or on opposite ends of the wall, using them to display your collections of stamps, sparkles, or googly eyes. Place a decorative plant or two on a shelf for a touch of natural beauty.

Decorative Paper Storage

If you enjoy using rolls of decorative paper, slat wall storage keeps them within easy reach. Slip rolls of paper onto curtain rods and then hang the rods on two hooks, and it’ll always be simple to pull down paper and cut it to any desired length. This method works for rolls of ribbon or tape as well.

Want More Ideas?

The above is just one of many Orlando garage storage system ideas for creating a unique craft room. Contact Garage Design Works online for planning assistance.