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Create More Garage Floor Space with These Bike Storage Options

Not only is biking something all ages can enjoy, but it’s also a great form of exercise. Biking in your neighborhood and on trails is a relaxing, invigorating activity that promotes heart health. Storing your bikes in the garage is a logical choice, but without Orlando garage storage systems, those bikes take up valuable garage floor storage space.

Floor Storage vs. Vertical Storage

Because your garage has limited space, parking even just one bike on the floor prevents you from using that space in other ways. Fortunately, there’s a way to reclaim this lost floor space, and it’s called vertical storage.

Vertical storage is simply choosing to store items on the walls in an upright position. A bicycle’s lean design makes it ideal for a slat wall storage system, which involves installing wall slats that feature grooves for holding hooks. There are special hooks with attached loops to anchor bike wheels to the wall, and they open easily when you’re ready to go riding.

Horizontal Bike Storage

Thanks to the versatility of slat wall systems, you can also store bikes on the wall in a horizontal position. For this option, your bike is secured to the wall with strong hooks that are firmly anchored into a position that lets the hooks extend outward. This choice does use a significant portion of wall slat storage space, so make sure you don’t need that space for anything else.

Combination Slat Wall Storage

Slat walls are adaptable to all sorts of wall hooks, and that means you can add storage baskets and shelves to expand storage options. Helmets, extra bike parts and tools, hydration packs, air pumps, and more can all be conveniently stored right next to your bicycle. If you have children who are learning to ride, this is also a great place to store spare training wheels or any kind of protective padding.

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