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Create the Illusion of a Livable Space in Your Garage

Trying to come up with ideas to transform your garage into an extended living space? The key is coming up with an Orlando home organization plan that turns your garage into a place where you, your family, and friends enjoy spending time hanging out. Your garage is capable of so much more than just a storage place for paint cans, lawn maintenance tools, and sports equipment. The two things that can help turn it into a livable space are garage cabinets and slat wall systems.

What are Garage Cabinets?

Unlike your bathroom and kitchen, your garage was created for housing a car and store items that don’t fit in the home, but it can be so much more. By incorporating Gladiator garage cabinets, you can not only neatly store your items, but create more central floor space to make a livable room. If you’re familiar with gym and school lockers, you’ll understand how to place Gladiator garage cabinets. These lockers come in various sizes from small and boxy to tall and slender.

What are Slat Walls?

Slat wall systems are a modern storage solution that transforms simple walls into super-efficient storage space. The first part of the system involves installing elongated ‘slats’ made of durable material onto one or more garage walls. The second part consists of installing special hooks into the slats for hanging and holding various containers, tools, and all sorts of items. There are numerous ways to use these hooks, and they allow you to store way more than mere shelving alone.

Creating Your Livable Garage Space

Our garage cabinets offer a plethora of space-saving solutions with clean lines. Our Gladiator Premier Series Cabinets are known for their superior strength, while our Everest White Cabinets provide the same strength, but with a decorative touch. Some have rolling wheels, making them easy to move around if you need to adjust the garage space. Enjoy storing clothing, pantry items, tools, craft materials, toys, and various odds and ends inside drawers or on top of shelves. Combined with a slat wall system, the cabinets keep your garage neat, organized, and easily accessible.

Slat walls can also create the visual vitality that a livable space calls for, but also provides the flexibility to custom create what you store. You can also bring the outside in with a wall of plants or herbs. This addition will create a calming space for your guests and excellent connector between the inside and outside.

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