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Creating a Magnificent Mudroom in Your Garage


Creating a mudroom may sound messy, but it’s a separate space that helps keep your home more organized and free of clutter. While making Orlando home organization plans, consider adding a mudroom to your garage. Despite the name, a mudroom can be a cozy place to store items used daily, seasonally, or occasionally.

Mudroom2Why Garages Make Great Mudrooms

Your garage is a part of your Florida home, yet, it has the benefit of being detached from the home’s main interior. Traditionally, mudrooms are secondary entryways to the home, and families tend to use them more than the main entry. Since the garage offers a second entry into the home, it’s a natural place to set up a mudroom. Choosing efficient storage solutions is the key to making your mudroom appealing to everyone in the home.

Mudroom Hooks and Racks

After choosing a mudroom design, your next task is to figure out how to create storage to handle coats, hats, shoes, boots, and other everyday items. Wall slat storage systems are a dream come true for homeowners with limited garage space. These systems include attractive horizontal slats attached to walls and special hooks designed to work with the slats. Unlike regular hooks, wall slat hooks come in numerous shapes and configurations. With an assortment of hooks installed, you can easily hang dry or wet clothing, sporting equipment, bicycles, and handy tools on the wall. Add storage bins and caddies to increase vertical storage options. Mudroom3

Mudroom Individual Storage

One of the neat things about mudrooms is that you can create individual storage spaces for each member of the family. Open cubbyholes are popular, but durable garage cabinets offer more privacy. Consider installing a row of tall, sleek Everest cabinets side-by-side, with double doors that open to reveal several shelves of storage space. Each family member decides what to place inside their cabinet, and cabinets can sit on the floor or hang on the wall to optimize floor space.

Mudroom1Mudroom Flooring

To make your mudroom a cinch to keep clean, opt for a heavy-duty epoxy coating system in designer patterns and colors. Epoxy systems are scratch-resistant and stain-resistant for hassle-free maintenance.

Need Help Designing a Mudroom?

Garage mudrooms are an ideal solution for keeping your home free of dirt, debris, and clutter. Garage Design Works offers customized Orlando home organization plans for mudrooms and more. Call us today at (407) 447-8890 or drop us an online note to set up a free consultation.