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Different Garage Hooks for Different Needs

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Not all garage hooks are created equal. A thinner hook won’t hold your 17 lbs road bike. An improperly angled hook could smoosh your favorite Christmas wreaths to the wall. Your garage is often a multipurpose spot for a lot in your life — from seasonal decor storage to where you work out. 

Hooks for Bike Storage

There are two types of bike hooks to keep your bikes safe and out of the way of cars coming in and out of the garage. Vertical bike hooks secure the bike perpendicular to the wall. They’re great if you have several bikes but don’t want to take up too much wall space. Horizontal bike hooks are more common, especially if you only have one or two bikes at home. And for those who are avid bike riders, try out the Gladiator Claw Advanced Bike Storage hook. 

Hooks for Other Athletic Equipment

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Basketballs, baseballs, soccer balls, and footballs — how many times have you almost tripped over one of these in your garage? Consider using a mesh basket or a ball caddy to store a variety of balls. Golfers also struggle with storage, especially keeping clubs upright and away from potential damage. A golf caddy can keep golf bags, balls, gloves and shoes ready to go. 

Storing Seasonal Decorations

Garages always wind up being the prime place for people to store Christmas decorations. Why? Because putting your tree in a garage is easier than having to climb up into a dirty attic to get everything out for the holidays. However, it’s easy to stack up bin after bin of seasonal decor, losing floorspace with every large bin. That’s why we recommend storage bin holders for larger items. J & L hooks can also be used to hang wreaths and garland, saving your floral designs from being crushed under larger items in a bin. 

Cabling and Tool Storage 

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If your garage doubles as a workspace, keeping tools within easy reach is critical. But with the differences in shapes and sizes of your favorite tools, it’s important to have the proper hooks to keep those tools organized. If you’re someone who likes to have a lot of supplies ready to go, consider a project caddy. For those building out workspaces, small item bins can easily attach to a wall next to a workbench for easy access to screws and nails. 

Garage storage can be one of the most time consuming projects for any homeowner, especially when it comes to properly organizing in a way that works best for your family. From wall storage to functional cabinetry, Garage Design Works helps customers strategize the best solutions for their organizational needs. Schedule a free virtual consultation with us and see how we give homeowners the tools to organize a cluttered garage.