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Different Life Stage, Different Organizational Needs

IMAG0112 Your garage changes as you age and as your family grows. With small children, the garage is crowded with strollers, car seats, and colorful plastic toys. These are slowly replaced with bikes, skateboards, and sports equipment. Each stage of life brings its own variety of equipment and tools that need to be stored and maintained to stay in working order. Garage Design Works understands Orlando garage storage systems are specific for each customer and they can design a storage system that fits your needs now and in the future.

Bulky Items

New parents understand that a tiny baby requires huge amounts of bulky products for transportation and play. Rolling the stroller into the garage after a walk is easy, but it often blocks the vehicle and must be moved from one location to another before you can drive out of the garage. With most strollers now equipped with one-hand folding, it is easy to fold the stroller and hang it on a big hook on a Gladiator slatted wall system. This heavy-duty slatted wall system can accommodate most portable equipment throughout toddlerhood.

Team Spirit

Cheerleaders, soccer kickers, football and baseball stars…your children seem to have a different activity for every night of the week and more on the weekend. By planning beforehand, the amount of time packing and unpacking for each sport or event will be diminished. The Gladiator slatted wall system with bin holders can hold clear plastic bins containing each sport’s equipment. When football practice rolls around, simply pull the bin off the shelf and load it in your vehicle. Position the racks so they are near the back of the vehicle for easy loading and storing.

Party Time

A good neighborhood ties families together. When you have neighbors visit, a great place to hang out is the garage. Store your folding chairs and tables on hooks along the wall, or dedicate one Gladiator Premier Series cabinet from Garage Design Works to all things neighborly. Your garage will be the talk of the town with a custom epoxy finish floor. This stunning floor is extremely durable and simple to clean any spills from your children or friends’ children.

Retirement Living

The long Florida days are ideal for working in the yard, playing tennis and golf, visiting the beach with the grandchildren, or catching up on home projects. Yard supplies are easily stored on hooks dangling from slatted wall systems or, if they are handheld supplies, in a metal bin or in a Gladiator cabinet. Beach, golf, and tennis supplies can be hung from hooks or stored in a clear bin and situated on a bin holder along the wall. Home projects often need a dedicated area including a Gearbox, a work bench, large tools, and a GearDrawer to store smaller tools and supplies.

Garage Design Works would love to help you organize your garage for your family. Many of our products are designed to change with your lifestyle. Rolling cabinets, slatted wall systems, and our selection of hanging apparatus – hooks, baskets, and nets – can move as your needs change. Give Garage Design Works a call at 407-447-8890 to learn more about our line of Orlando garage storage products and services.

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