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If You Don’t Already Have Overhead Storage, This is Why You Should

The temptation to store anything and everything inside of your garage is hard to ignore, but this often leads to a lack of organization. Garage clutter is a common problem; however, it can be remedied with the help of an Orlando garage storing system.

There’s No More Room
Garages may seem great for household overflow, but extra space eventually runs out. Additional storage is possible with a quality overhead storage system such as the ONRAX Enduro-Deck™. Its exceptional strength allows the highest weight rating of any ceiling mounted storage unit on the market, up to 800 lbs, and it has up to 8’ wide openings to store long and bulky items.

More Floor Space
The garage floor fills up quickly when it serves as a multipurpose area and extra storage space. Garages can easily be turned into craft rooms, playhouses, home offices, workshops, or gyms, but all of these ideas require a clean, open garage. Opt for overhead storage to increase floor space and renovation potential.

Create Room for Your Car
Garages are ultimately designed to protect your car from exposure to outdoor elements and possible damage. However, they cannot do this if a cluttered, overstuffed floor prevents you from pulling your car in. Overhead racks solve this issue. They can store outdoor sporting or camping equipment, pool supplies, trimmers, or even lawn mowers, giving you a clean space to park.

Create a Storage Plan
The Ornax offers custom sizes available for lofted and angled ceilings. Between its 14 gauge steel C-channel box frame, nine shelf sizes, and two height adjustment ranges, it offers extreme storage flexibility to fit your needs. Consider what you want to do with your space and then begin to create a storage plan. To get more information about starting your own Orlando garage storing system, contact us online today for a free consultation.

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