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Epoxy Versus Paint

floors A finished floor can take your garage from mediocre to fantastic. But how should you finish your floor — paint or epoxy? And what are the differences between the two? Learn more about the benefits of epoxy versus paint.

About Paint
While paint is typically simpler to apply than epoxy floor coatings, it’s a quick fix with a short life span. You’ll get the seamless finish you hoped for, and all your floor’s stains and imperfections will be hidden. However, after a few months, the paint will start to wear off in high-traffic areas. Bare concrete will start to peek through, and the paint will flake off in large chunks where it covered a stain or imperfection.

Epoxy Paint
Although the terms are used interchangeably, epoxy paint and epoxy floor coatings are not the same. Epoxy paint is a latex acrylic product, and while there might be a small amount of epoxy in the mix, it does not produce the same effect. It’s applied as one coat and then it dries. Epoxy floor coatings consist of epoxy resin and a polyamine hardener, and it cures rather than dries.

About Epoxy Coatings
An epoxy coating is a more elaborate process, but it’s well worth the investment. Our ArmorSeal floors are industrial grade and not only look beautiful, but are incredibly durable. This durability combines impact resistance, abrasion resistance, and an amazing resistance to chemicals. Whereas regular paint wears off and makes your floor look bad, our floors are clean and permanently sealed. When paired with the fact the coating system is UV resistant, your floors will never fade, yellow, or stain — even in high-traffic areas.

ArmorSeal floors are a step above your everyday epoxy floors. The heavy-duty coating is four times stronger than regular epoxy, and it provides years of easily maintained, low-maintenance service. Oils and other spills won’t seep into any cracks, and because water can’t penetrate the top coat, you don’t have to worry about bacteria or mold growth.

If you’ve been debating on whether you should cover your garage floors Orlando with paint or epoxy coatings, we can answer your questions and help you make the right choice. Call us at 407-447-8890 to learn more about our floor coating services and receive a free in-home consultation.

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