Everything You Need to Know About Orlando Garage Floors

Did you know that having your Orlando garage floors coated with an ArmorSeal epoxy garage floor coating can give you another functional room in your home?

First of all, you‘ll have your choice of decorative colors and finishes. Many of Garage Design Works’ customers pick a color that complements their homes’ exteriors. When they have their garage doors open, everything blends together beautifully. Once applied to your garage floors, the ArmorSeal will transform that dull cement floor into a work of art.

What Should You Consider Before Coating Your Orlando Garage Floors?

  • Living in hot central Florida can wreak havoc on a DIY epoxy garage floor coating kit product. ArmorSeal provides the UV protection from the strong sun and withstands the area’s heat and humidity. Choosing ArmorSeal will give you 10-20 years of use because of its durability. Garage Design Works is so confident about this product, that it offers its customers a limited-lifetime warranty on it.
  • ArmorSeal will not peel, warp, or chip if applied properly. The preparation of the floor is key to a successful application. Your cement floor needs mechanical grinding to ensure the right texture for the epoxy to adhere. Most DIY kits use acid etching instead of grinding. Consequently, the floor surface isn’t rough enough for the epoxy coating to bond to the floor. At Garage Design Works, we use industrial grinders so your floor never lifts. You won’t need a primer underneath the epoxy which saves   money.
  • The DIY kits don’t include a top-coat sealer. We use a state-of-the art urethane top coat which increases the durability of your epoxy garage floor coating. Armor Seal has great eye appeal. We’ve even had some of our Orlando customers have it applied to their lanais floors.
  • It’s best not to go the DIY route when deciding to epoxy coat your Orlando garage floor. There are variables like temperature, humidity, proper application techniques, viscosity of the epoxy, and curing time that affect the final results. Garage Design Works’ trained professionals have it down to a science. You won’t have to worry if the floor coating has cured long enough to pull your cars back into your garage again.

Why not give Garage Design Works, the leader in Orlando garage floors, a call at 407-447-8890 for your free in-home consultation? Start enjoying that additional space in your home.

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