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Garage Possibilities

garagepossibilities 1When you look at your garage, you may just see it as a place to park your car or a place where you can quickly throw your kid’s messy shoes or store the extra cat litter. But your garage can be renovated into the space of your dreams! Learn more about the many possibilities.

Renovations for the Whole Family
Craft room: With the help of a contemporary Orlando garage storage system, all of your arts and crafts dreams can come true! Slatwall systems and basket storage make it easy to store everything from decorative paper to molding clay to spools of thread.

Playroom: All it takes is a little bit of planning to transform your garage into the ultimate playroom. Upgrade your electrical wiring, lighten up the space, and add an epoxy coating on your floor for safe, easily maintained playroom.

Laundry space: Our Everest white cabinets help create a bright, clean laundry space right in your garage, and slatwall systems can hold baskets store detergents and other cleaners.

Mudroom: Whether you’re a parent to a child or a pup, you can benefit from a mudroom. It may sound messy, but this room actually works wonders to keep your home clean and organized! Cabinets offer additional storage space, and epoxy floors are scratch-resistant and stain-resistant for hassle-free maintenance.

Space for Hobbies
Wine Cellar: Expand and protect your wine collection by transforming your garage into a wine cellar.

Gardener’s space: Do you have a green thumb? Don’t let it go to waste! With the proper wall storage and garage cabinets, you can create your own gardener’s paradise.

All About Exercise
Yoga studio: Are you a yoga buff who doesn’t have the time (or the budget) to go to a yoga studio? You can easily create one in your garage. Consider your lighting, insulation, storage, and flooring.

Bike storage: Your garage’s floor space is valuable. Don’t stop spending your weekends on the trails; instead, just store your bike in a smart way. Our slatwall system has special hooks that firmly anchor your bike on the wall, and you can even store helmets and extra bike tools on the slatwall.

Golfer Storage: It’s crucial that you keep your clubs in good condition. With our caddy-specific storage, your golf gear will always have a designed spot.

No matter what your dream garage looks like, our Orlando garage storage can make your dreams a reality. Give us call today at 407-447-8890!