Your Garage Can Just Be a Garage!

Dreaming of a garage that has been renovated into a workable space isn’t uncommon, but it can make you feel like you need to do something about the current state of your garage. Transforming your garage entirely can seem quite intimidating, but what if you just want your garage to be that – just a garage, only much nicer, and more organized? There’s nothing wrong with wanting a functional space as opposed to a room completely transformed into a home theater, or extravagant gym!

Thinking of your space in a practical sense doesn’t mean you aren’t creative, it just means you’re more likely to use your garage for something purposeful, like actually storing your vehicle! But what can you do to your garage without having to come up with an elaborate redesign? Just think of your garage as it is now, but a better version of it.

One simple renovation project to look in to is a garage floor epoxy coating. Not only does an epoxy garage floor look beautiful, but it’s durability can withstand UV rays, chemicals, and is extremely easy to clean. It will never fade or yellow, and is permanently sealed to avoid staining. This low-maintenance product is ideal for parking your cars!

It’s common to use your garage space for storage, and you don’t necessarily have to toss everything out for it to look more organized. Garage cabinets are attractive and functional, and can help streamline organization within your garage. Your garage will look sleek and clean, and your belongings will be much more accessible after you install your garage storage solutions. Maximizing the space in your garage with garage cabinets also allows you to get rid of things you are just discovering you have no use for.

At Garage Design Works, we can arrange every storage item to fit your needs and your garage for functionality and efficiency. With over 50 years of combined experience, our garage organization and epoxy floor coating experts focus on innovative design and maximizing storage and organization. Contact us today at 407-447-8890 to learn more about our Orlando garage organization options or to schedule your consultation.