Garage Organization: Electronic Waste

Over the years, your garage has probably been a resting place for many old computers, televisions, printers and outdated electronics. If you’re not putting any of it to good use, and it’s just sitting in your garage because you don’t know what else to do with it, you may want to think twice about tossing them when it comes time to organizing your garage. They may just be stored in the garage because you don’t think you should throw them away, and you’re right!

Many electronics contain materials that are harmful to the environment if just tossed into a landfill. Hazardous materials like cadmium, lead, and mercury are commonly found in “e-waste,” or electronic waste, and can run-off into our water, and can get into our air which isn’t exactly great for our health. Garage organization can be an exciting task, but you also want to make sure you properly dispose of things that you don’t want to keep.

What should you do with electronics that are just taking up space in your garage? If you’re concerned about finding a place for them in your shiny new garage cabinets, there are environmentally friendly options to getting rid of your old electronics. There are many places where you can either drop off your electronics, or have someone pick them up for you so that they are properly disposed of, donated, or recycled for parts.

Take some time to go through your belongings and gather up all of the electronics that you no longer plan on keeping or using, and create a donate/recycle pile that you won’t be organizing and finding space for in your garage. Not only will you sleep well knowing that you’re cutting down on hazardous waste, but you will also be helping the environment!

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