6 Ways to Truly Save Space in Your Garage

Have you promised yourself that you will no longer stumble over the hodge podge of clutter scattered across your garage floor to enter your home? If organized properly, your garage can house your cars and be a great storage space, too. Orlando garage floors company, Garage Design Works, offers some ways you can make the most of it.


  • Declutter; schedule a weekend and get the family involved in sorting through everything. Make four piles – trash, sell, donate, and keep. Eliminate what you haven’t used in two years and keep the necessities. At a later date, schedule a garage sale and make some “decluttering” money. Once only the items you wish to keep remain, remove everything from the garage floor and sweep it clean.
  • Measure the perimeter of your garage’s interior to determine how much space you have for open shelving or cabinets. Ideally, you should consider something that will hide all of the things you need to keep so your garage looks less messy. If cabinets are your preference, it’s a good idea to get ones that have caster wheels so you can change their location if you so choose.
  • Think of function and group like items together when you store them. For example, you may want to have your small gardening tools, gardening gloves, plant fertilizers, and pest control products located together on a cabinet shelf. You could place your car maintenance items on another shelf.
  • When arranging your cabinets or storage shelves, designate items that you access frequently from your home for storage closer to the interior garage door.
  • Leave room for a wall-hanging system near your exterior garage door for your large lawn and garden tools and bikes.
  • A durable overhead storage system with bins would be ideal for storing your holiday decorations and seasonal sports equipment. Ensure that nothing interferes with the operation of your exterior garage door.


Once you have a place for everything and everything in its place, maintain your garage’s organization. Ensure that items are returned to their designated storage space after usage.

Don’t make your garage the visible dumping ground for everything you don’t want in your home. For more ideas on how to make your garage work for you, please browse the rest of Orlando garage floors company, Garage Design Works’, blog.