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Get Organized In Your Garage

caleb woods 353319 unsplash scaled Renting a storage unit and keeping your belongings away from your house is not only inconvenient — it’s expensive! However, even when you think you have everything organized, it doesn’t take long for your garage to turn into a haphazard pile of boxes, bins, and sports gear. With help from the experts in Orlando garage cabinets, your garage can go from raging mess to organized in no time.

Start With The Right Organization Systems

Orlando garage cabinets are the easiest way to keep your garage clean and organized, and nothing helps more than heavy-duty Everest White cabinets. Inside the cabinets, store like items together and label the shelves accordingly. This will keep your organization system consistent over the years and makes keeping track of belongings simple! Further boost your organizational efforts by using clear plastic bins or clearly labeled boxes so you can find what you’re looking for without tearing through box after box.

Color Code Your Tools

Many tools have similar grips and handles, making it hard to find the type of tool you need at the moment you need it. Use colored rubber bands or electrical tape to designate the different types of tools. Wrap each flathead screwdriver’s handle in a specific color so you’ll be able to grab the right tool at a glance. You can also color code your items based on where you use them. For example, garden tools and shears can be wrapped in green, while automotive tools can be in red.

Use a Whiteboard

Keeping track of important dates and projects can be tough, and paper planners and sticky notes are rarely up to the task. Instead, use a whiteboard to keep track of to-do lists, deadlines, shopping lists, and upcoming projects you need to tackle. Just make sure you hang it somewhere that’s easy to reach — over the workbench or right by the door is a safe bet.

Always Keep a Permanent Marker On Hand

You never know when you’ll need to write something down, and permanent markers are the easiest way to guarantee you can read what you wrote. Use them to label bags of supplies and make notes of when you opened them. This will help you see how quickly you go through your supplies and makes budgeting easier in the future.

Keeping your garage organized is simpler than it seems with the right Orlando garage cabinets in place. If you’re in need of inspiration or simply want to see how a cabinet upgrade can transform your space, don’t hesitate to contact us today.


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