Getting Your Garage Ready for Summer Yard Work

As Florida’s scorching summer comes into full swing, homeowners are gearing up for more yard work and lawn care chores. What was once a simple task in the spring, is now a race against the summer sun. Fighting sunburn and dehydration, you now realize why you should have uprooted that tree months ago. Even if you’re not completing any major yard renovations, there is still foliage to care for–preparations must be made for gardening and basic lawn maintenance tasks.

Readiness starts with a clean and organized garage space. Garage organization can be an extremely helpful step to prepare you for summer lawn care! When you have things in proper order, you can better focus, and complete the tasks at hand.

Begin by laying out all of your yard tools in a convenient manner. Clear extra clutter away from the lawn mower, since you’ll be using it a lot! Hang up shears, gloves, and spades on a wall system, and keep hoses neat and organized on convenient wall hooks. Now that you have a beautiful, clutter-free space, you can give your lawn mower the tune-up it needs. Check that it has all the fluids it requires and sharpen the blades if necessary.

You’ll also want to stock up on high-quality fertilizer to keep your grass and flowers vibrant and beautiful. Store extra bags in heavy-duty cabinets to keep them safe, and to keep children and pets out. Don’t forget to decorate your garden while you’re at it! Use your organized garage space as a workshop to create attractive signposts or lamps to put up.

Your garage should have everything you need to take care of your lawn in a convenient, organized location. Don’t settle for digging through unlabeled, hard-to-reach boxes to find your work gloves, and avoid getting tangled in your, seemingly alive, hose while trying to pull out your weed wacker. With the help of Garage Design Works, your garage will be beautifully organized and easy to navigate this summer. For more information about Orlando garage organization, visit our website or give us a call today.