Give Your Garage a Total Revamp

The garage is often thought of as just a place to park the car or toss neglected items. Instead of a dusty, oil-stained dungeon, think of your garage as an extension of your home. Imagine an oasis where you can spend time catching up on a hobby, send the children when the house seems too cramped for their rambunctiousness, or relax in an uncluttered room. With the proper storage tools and Orlando garage ideas from Garage Design Works, you can create the garage of your dreams.

Hobby Central

If your hobby is relegated to the garage, such as welding, car repair, fishing, or lawn care, take the time to carve out a section of the garage for that purpose. Welding needs a 220-volt power source, and an electrician must be called to install the proper equipment so it meets city code requirements. If your hobby has an abundance of tools or gadgets, consider a rolling or permanent Gladiator Premier Series Cabinet such as a Wall Gearbox or a Tall Gearbox for storage. Larger equipment, such as weed trimmers and edgers, are easily hung on big hooks suspended on a Gladiator hanging wall system.


Little children seem to have extremely bulky, colorful toys. Climbing, sliding, swinging, and jumping, their endless energy is expended on these oversized plastic toys. Florida’s oppressive heat and insect population keep children indoors frequently, and the toys are often abandoned in the summer. With a window air-conditioner added to the garage, children can play on their toys throughout the day, and you can stop worrying about many of the safety concerns specific to outside play, such as riding a tricycle around the driveway. Store smaller toys in baskets or netting suspended from a Gladiator hanging wall system so small hands can easily reach and return the items. Be sure to hang the baskets low enough for ease of use!

Workout Center

Install a television or bring out the tunes to create the ultimate home gym. With a common weight bench and a series of barbells and dumbbells, you can workout at home and save thousands of dollars you would invest in a gym membership every year. Best of all, the workout is right there – no need to travel. Outfit your home gym with an exercise ball, medicine ball, workout gloves and belt, resistance bands, and a weight rack for your barbell weights. Other than the weight rack, all these items can easily be stored in a series of clear bins on an open shelf, or stored in a beautiful, sleek Everest White cabinet.

Home Office

Working out of your home leads to distractions, especially when the office opens onto a hallway or main thoroughfare. Adopt a chunk of garage space for your home office to ward off interruptions and create a specific “home-free” work space. With Gladiator Premier Series cabinets above the tabletop as well as below, everything will be within easy reach. Store work-related supplies in small, clear bins along an open shelf at eye level, and be sure ample outlets are available to plug in computers, phones, calculators, et cetera.

With a little ingenuity and careful planning, your garage can become a haven for many activities. Call Garage Design Works at 407-447-8890 to plan the perfect layout to accomplish your Orlando garage ideas. Our team will work closely with you, offering suggestions as they map out a strategy to transform a portion of your garage into the perfect location – for almost any idea!

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