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Gladiator® GarageWorks Recognized in the Wall Street Journal

1 A recent Wall Street Journal article pertaining to the trend of garage organization highlighted Gladiator® GarageWorks, the premier line of products carried by Garage Design Works, your Orlando garage organization specialists. The article spurred several follow-up interviews and articles, including a spot with Al Roker, posted on Gladiator’s Facebook page.

With do-it-yourself home improvement projects on the upswing and the explosion of Pinterest-based organizational ideas, the number of individuals – both male and female – interested in sprucing up the garage has grown within the past few years. Josh Gitlin, Gladiator GarageWorks’ general manager, states, “The difference between remodeling a garage and a kitchen is you end up wanting to do everything at once in the kitchen. With a garage, you can build towards it, every three to six months buy extra pieces to finish it off.”

Without a large up-front payment to create the garage of your dreams, the project can occur in stages, giving homeowners the ability to slowly pay for garage improvements. Gitlin anticipates growth in both shelving and cabinets over other garage remodel tools since many homeowners are concerned with concealing their garage-related items from visitors.

Moving the garage items behind cabinet doors and onto specialized hooks has another advantage: many people are converting their garages to an extension of their homes. The folding chairs hanging on a hook along a Gladiator wall system can be assembled around a low table for an impromptu neighborhood party. Add a sound system, cooler or refrigerator, and a flat-screen television mounted to the wall, and the room is transformed into an outdoor den, ready for entertaining or hanging out. This trend is growing; 24% of new single-family homes are constructed with garages that have the capacity to hold three or more vehicles, a jump from 17% in 2000. Generally, this does not convert to more vehicles per household; it quite possibly shows an upswing of a greater storage and entertainment capacity.

The importance of garage storage devices is evident in the steady annual increase in money spent toward garage restoration and organization. A recent statistic by market research group Freedonia estimates that $2.4 billion will be invested in garage organization products in 2019, a 25% increase from only five years before. This push toward organization is fueled partially by shame – 1/3 of respondents claim they keep their garage bay doors shut so nobody is able to see inside, according to a 2015 Gladiator GarageWorks survey.

Equipping your garage with Gladiator organizational tools not only makes it look spectacular, it also keeps all your supplies organized. Call Garage Design Works, the Orlando garage organization experts specializing in Gladiator products, at 407-447-8890 to give your garage the makeover it deserves.

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