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The Golfer’s Garage: A Storage Guide

golf sunset sport golferAs a golfer, you know that keeping your clubs in good condition is vital to both the quality of your game and the amount of fun you have on the course. However, finding the right place to keep your equipment can be a challenge, especially if the closets inside your home are already full. With a bit of creative thinking and the right Orlando garage cabinets in place, you’ll be able to store your gear safely and securely. Here’s a guide to making your garage the perfect home storage space for all of your golfing equipment.

Build Your Own Caddy

Propping your clubs up in the corner may be fine while you’re loading the car, but over time, it can damage both the bag and the clubs themselves. Instead of pulling the bag out of your car and propping it in the first clear spot you see, build your own golf caddy and rack. The Gladiator Wall System allows you to hang your clubs on a designated caddy shelf off the garage floor and out of harm’s way.

Make Sure Your Garage and Your Clubs Are Dry

Even the most durable golf clubs can be damaged by excess moisture and humidity. While humidity is often a problem in Florida, it’s more severe in the garage compared to anywhere else in your home. Fixing your damp garage is relatively simple, but you’ll also want to make sure your clubs are dry before putting them away. Use a soft rag to wipe down each club before putting the head covers on for storage. This way, moisture won’t be trapped between the cover and the metal, reducing the risk of corrosion and premature wear. If you notice any grass or dirt on the heads, scrub it away with soap and water, and let the clubs dry completely.

Install Slat Wall Storage

If you’re worried about hanging more than just your clubs up off the ground, but still want your equipment to be open to air and able to breathe, opt for a slat wall storage solution. The system can support everything from heavy loads like bikes and lawn equipment to light items like hats, shoe racks, and gloves. Best of all, the open-air system allows your equipment to breathe, reducing the risk of mold and mildew building up on your equipment.

Why settle for storing your clubs in the trunk of your car when you could have a designated storage area right in your garage? Learn more about how our Orlando garage cabinets can help you maximize your storage space while keeping your gear safe and secure.