Got Spring Fever? Host a Garage Sale

Springtime is quickly approaching. And often with the season comes the dreaded “spring cleaning” mindset. As you’re sorting through your old belongings in your home and garage, don’t just throw them in the garbage can. Host a garage sale and make some cash from selling your old treasures.

Here in Florida any time of the year might seem like fair game for an event such as this, but traditionally speaking, springtime is the most popular time for this type of sale. During March and April, the weather warms up enough for your customers to shop around, but does not reach the sweltering highs of the summer. So why not get in on the action? As you’re planning, remember the following:

  • When you host a garage sale, you want your space to look presentable and attractive to customers, and you also want to clearly distinguish what is for sale from what isn’t.

  • The first step in preparing for a successful garage sale is to clean and organize your space.  Put your personal goods away in secure cabinets so that they are not accidentally purchased and create plenty of room to feature your sales items.

  • Once your area is ready, start spreading awareness!  Hand out flyers to your friends and neighbors and encourage them to participate with you.  Make sure you put out signs and advertisements at least a week or two in advance.

  • Proudly display your items!  Use garment racks to hang clothes, and set up creative vignettes so that your customers can see how items can be used.  Be sure to have a power strip so that customers can test electronic goods.

  • Most garage sale shoppers arrive in the morning, so make sure your displays are ready the night before.

Get creative and have a little fun with your garage sale!  The appearance of your sales space will speak volumes about you and the quality the items you are selling. For more creative garage organization tips and tricks, visit our website or contact Garage Design Works directly at (407) 447-8890.

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