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Healthy Home & Your Dirty Garage Floor

broom-1837434_1920 There is no debate concrete cannot be cleaned. For this reason, one of the most heavily trafficked areas of your home will experience dust, bacteria, and mold at some point. Your porous concrete floor may harbor organisms and dust/dirt waiting for you to walk barefoot across the surface so they can hitch a ride on you. Garage Design Works has a solution to prevent those concerns with its premier Orlando garage floor, the ArmorSeal Garage Floor System. ArmorSeal is not paint, but several layers of polymer applied to your garage’s concrete floor. The name of the product is more than a catchy title; it truly does seal your floor with an armor-like finish that prevents the gross effects that porous concrete can have. Our ArmorSeal System seals the concrete making it incredibly easy to clean and dust free.

Before your ArmorSeal Garage Floor System is applied, your floor is thoroughly and professionally cleaned to ensure no contaminants are present. In most cases, once the ArmorSeal System is installed it is cleared for foot traffic within 12 hours and vehicular traffic within 48 hours.

Investing in an ArmorSeal Garage Floor System results in a healthier home by reducing dust and creating a surface that is easy to clean preventing organisms and dirt from invading your outdoor paradise. Call Garage Design Works at 407-447-8890 for more information on the wonders of installing an Orlando garage floor ArmorSeal Garage Floor System into your garage.

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