Hosting a Garage Party

A garage is an often overlooked room to host a party, yet is almost the most ideal space for such an occasion. It’s generally one of the largest spaces in your home, and can provide the perfect casual atmosphere for hanging out with friends and family. Long gone are the days where the garage is solely used to park your car or store your junk. After a little bit of garage organization and a shiny new epoxy garage floor coating from your garage organization professionals in Orlando, you can plan a party in your garage without worrying about guests spilling drinks on the carpet, or ruining furniture.

If you’re used to storing your sporting equipment or lawn tools in your garage, clutter might be an issue when housing your party guests. Proper organization with garage cabinets or wall systems can help clear the clutter from the floors and can store the items out of the way for more space to accommodate your guests.

After your new epoxy garage floor coating, you can designate an area that is perfect for dancing and mingling with friends and family. Now that you’ve cleared the area of clutter, you now have an ample amount of space to show off your new floor! Luckily a spilled drink is easy to clean up on an epoxy floor, and won’t stain like it would on carpet!

Set up a table and designate that area for food and drinks. You can even hook up a mini fridge (or a full-sized fridge if you’re ambitious!) to house cold drinks next to the snacking table.

Whether you’re throwing a party for a larger group of people, or just a handful of your closest friends, the garage can provide a more intimate party experience. If you enjoy the space you’ve created for the occasion, you might even want to keep it permanently for future intimate get-togethers, or even just to get away for a bit!

With your brand new garage cabinets and epoxy garage floor coating, what better way to show it off than hosting a party with some of your closest friends? The Orlando garage floor and organization experts at Garage Design Works can help you transform your garage into a more accommodating space with brand new epoxy floors and flawless garage cabinets and wall systems so you can better utilize the space in your garage for special occasions. Call us today at 407-447-8890 to learn more about our services and to schedule your free in-home consultation.

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