The Versatility of Epoxy Floor Coatings

Coating your floor with an epoxy coating isn’t just limited to your garage. In fact, many homeowners often think of innovative ways they could improve other areas of the home with an easy to clean, and durable floor. Orlando garage floor epoxy coatings are the most common use for floor coatings, but its characteristics can also be beneficial to a number of other applications around your home. Check out these practical applications next time you’re considering a home-improvement project.

Although basements aren’t really a Florida “thing,” many homes in the Sunshine State have what is called a “Florida room.” It’s often considered a part of the home, but its design is more closely related to a patio, with a framework that consists of multiple windows that allow the sunlight in. Your Florida room can benefit from the durability of an Orlando garage floor epoxy coating rather than concrete and you won’t have to worry about its aesthetics compared to concrete; the finishing touch will be much more impressive!

Garage floor coating doesn’t only have to be applied in your garage. In fact, your patio can can benefit from the strength and durability of coated floors. Whether you’re looking to remodel your front porch or back porch, you will be glad that you decided to invest in this home improvement project. Increase the value of your home and let others be jealous of how clean, and beautiful your new floor looks compared to age-old concrete. Now you will be proud to invite friends over for a barbecue out on the patio!

Believe it or not, your laundry room would be the perfect space to add a floor coating. Epoxy floors are easy to clean up, durable when it comes to stains and heavy traffic, and require no on-going maintenance. Epoxy floors are also a great option because of their waterproof characteristics, which can stand up to any washer malfunctions or spills that might occur.

From garages to Florida rooms, using an Orlando garage floor epoxy finish can help increase the aesthetics of your home while providing the area with a protective and long-lasting flooring option. Let our interior garage design specialists at Garage Design Works come up with a solution to your project by calling us today at 407-447-8890. We offer a free in-home consultation to help you design a plan that best fits your garage floor coating and garage organization needs in Orlando, Tampa and Sarasota.

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