How Can I Organize My Summer Items?

Although the weather makes it feel as if it’s still summer, the season is finally over, which means it’s time to store away all of your summer items. With a little help from Garage Design Works, you can get organized and stay organized with our garage organization solutions. Here are a few items that can be stored away using a variety of our Gladiator products.

1. Gardening equipment: Using our wall track system paired with wall hook accessories, bins and baskets, you can store away your gardening equipment in a safe place, away from the kids and off the patio floors.

2. Canoes and kayaks: Overhead storage is the perfect spot to house your bulky equipment. It still makes the items accessible, but you don’t have to worry about them being in your way.

3. Camping gear: Similar to your canoe or kayak, overhead storage is the ideal spot for camping gear. Bins and baskets can also hold smaller items like lanterns, flashlights, and other things you would bring with you on your camping trip.

4. Beach equipment: Whether it’s diving gear, life vests, beach umbrellas, and other beach toys, our garage designers have the storage items that best suit your needs. A variety of utility hooks can be the answer for a majority of your beach equipment.

5. Sporting equipment: Once the baseball or football season is over, where will you put all of your kids’ equipment? With ball caddies, mesh baskets and wall hooks, there’s a spot for all of your footballs, uniforms, baseball bats, mitts and more with a some help from us.

6. Fishing poles: Trying to find the perfect place for your fishing poles and tackle boxes? Our garage organization equipment allows you to hang up your fishing poles and stow away your tackle boxes once you’re done for the summer.

Garage Design Works offers garage storage and organization equipment that can help you stay organized no matter the season. From wall track systems to garage cabinets and overhead storage, there’s no garage that would be better off without our Gladiator products. Call us today at 407-447-8890 to learn more about our products and to schedule your free in-home consultation.

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