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Getting a “Clean” Design for Your Garage

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Garages are typically thought of as dark, cluttered spaces. However, with the right garage organization and design tips, it can feel just as light and open as the rest of your home. 

Here are design tips to help your garage to feel ‘brighter’ and more open — no window required:

Look for light-colored storage units

The color white opens up spaces. In home design, white cabinetry is a go-to for any space to instantly look larger. Why? Because white reflects light around and helps a space seem bigger, something incredibly important in an often-dark garage. With the white cabinetry from Gladiator, you can open your garage of any size while having an easy-to-clean storage space

Think tall with your storage

Tall garage storage units elongate the space in your garage, making it appear larger. Taller storage also gives you the freedom to use space that wouldn’t typically be found in standard sized cabinetry. 

Overhead storage also takes bulky, sometimes unsightly pieces of equipment or boxes and makes them harder to see at first glance, giving a garage a more airy look.

Use wall storage to get items off the ground

One of the biggest ways to have a space look cluttered (no matter how big a space is) is by storing items on the ground. By using slatwall storage and hooks, you can hang everyday items in easily accessible places. This also gives you the chance to show off your favorite tools or passions. 

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