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How to Create Your Garage Workshop Sanctuary

ban-e Are you tired of using your kitchen table for wood crafting and home improvement projects? Wouldn’t it be nice to have the garage workshop of your dreams – your very own project sanctuary?

Section off a space in your garage about 10 feet long and 6 feet deep, and then include the following items for proper Orlando garage storage to make it all come together:

  • A Sturdy Workbench – Your work surface should be durable enough to withstand heavy pounding and other vigorous project activity. Usually a height of 38” is popular, but benches as high as 42” or as low as 36” can also be comfortable.
  • Wall and Cabinet Storage – For easy access, you will want your tools nearby. A wall panel system behind your workbench will allow you to hook gadgets you use frequently, like pliers or hammers. Durable wall and standing cabinets provide storage for larger apparatus. You can also think about having small roll-out cabinets underneath your workbench.
  • Ambient and Task Lighting – For safety and error-free work, high-intensity halogen or LED lighting over your work bench is a necessity. Additional lighting, in the form of recessed canned lighting, can be installed if your garage has a finished ceiling.
  • Adequate Electrical Power – Ensure you have enough power to sustain all of your supply of electrical tools. 30 amp circuits should do the trick. Make sure your outlets will be in close proximity to your workbench so you don’t have to get tangled up using extension cords.
  • A Small Refrigerator – If you really get involved in your projects and hate to waste time going inside the house for a beverage, consider a small refrigerator for a “nice cold one”.
  • Insulation and a Climate – Control System – This will enable you to work on projects in your garage in the heat of the summer, as well as the cold of the winter months.
  • An Attractive Durable Garage Floor Coating – By applying the Orlando garage floor coating, you will feel like you are working in another room in your home. You won’t be surrounded by an ugly cement floor that has the potential to crack when your sledge hammer falls on it.

Creating your dream garage workshop can be a breeze if you consult the pros at Garage Design Works. Their trained technicians can meet your work and storage needs with a variety of attractive, durable products including cabinets, worktops, wall storage systems, and epoxy garage floor coatings. Believe it or not, you can even get a matching small refrigerator! Contact them today at 407- 447-8890. You’ll be amazed at how they can convert your garage into your dream workshop.

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