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How to Store Your Sports Equipment for Your Next Adventure

Active families know the struggle of keeping a tidy area for sports equipment. From leaning bikes, space-consuming canoes, and strewn tennis rackets, it can be easy to lose track of where and how to properly store sports equipment — especially in your garage. Here are tips on how to store your favorite sports tools so they’re easy to get to for your next adventure:

Get it off the ground with slatwall storage

Athletes can spend a pricey penny on athletic equipment, which is why you should look to get it off the ground and reduce the chance for damage. A great way to store items like tennis rackets or baseball bats, slatwall storage gives athletes the ability to showcase what equipment they use most, having them at the ready.

Overhead racks help with larger equipment

For those who love kayaking or skiing, wall storage might be improbable in your garage. Overhead storage helps keep your more expensive sporting equipment off the ground and out of the way, making room for your cars or other garage storage needs. Using something like the  Gladiator GearLoft adds a durable solution to larger sports equipment.

Try hanging storage for bikes

Leaving bikes leaning on kickstands isn’t the ideal way to store them. Plus there’s the added risk of one falling over and denting a nearby car or another piece of equipment. Play it safe and use wall storage with hooks. This reduces the floorspace your bikes take up and can keep your bikes safer in the long run. We offer both horizontal and vertical bike hooks to work best in whatever design your garage needs.

Use a ball caddy

Tired of tripping over a stray tennis ball or soccer ball? Try using a mesh ball caddy! These storage bins keep balls off your garage floors while also making it easy to get a ball out whenever you need one.

For any athlete or sports enthusiast, keeping your equipment safe means keeping your investment in your favorite sport safe. A well-designed and well-organized garage gives you the peace of mind that your favorite equipment will be ready to go whenever you are. To learn more about garage organization techniques, check out the Garage Design Works blog.