How to Transform Your Garage into a Fabulous Playroom

Raising children in a small home is difficult especially if you don’t have adequate space for them to play. Building an addition to your home can be a costly venture. What’s a weary parent to do? Convert your garage into a children’s playroom using the following tips from Orlando garage floor leaders, Garage Design Works.

  • If you have young children, you probably want to disconnect your automatic garage door opener so they can’t gain access to the outside without some supervision. Make sure your door is well insulated to reduce the effects of varying temperatures. A more expensive option would be to replace them with French doors.
  • Make sure there is enough lighting so your children can work on crafts and hobbies and do their homework there, too. Both overhead lighting and lighting for a table or desk are ideal solutions.
  • Think about getting a portable climate-control unit to maintain a comfortable temperature in your garage. Remember, you want your children to play in the garage not inside the house!
  • Either paint your garage walls or add insulation and have drywall installed on the walls and ceiling and painted so this area looks like another room in your home.  For young children, a rainbow or some geometric shapes stenciled on the walls would make their new play space more inviting. Colored vinyl graphics give you a wide array of images to attach to painted drywall. Blackboard paint on a portion of the wall will enable your children to draw to their hearts’ content.
  • Consider having a durable epoxy floor coating product professionally applied to the garage floor to hide that austere cement floor. They come in a variety of decorative colors which will add to the ambiance of the area.
  • Purchase some cabinets on rolling casters to store all of the children’s toys, games, and small sports equipment. Include a table where they can do puzzles and board games.

Converting your garage into a playroom for your children is a smart idea if you need more space in your home. Contact Orlando garage floor experts, Garage Design Works, at 407-447-8890 to see our storage cabinet and floor coating options. Make this the year that your children really start enjoying their home.