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Ideas for Converting Your Garage into the Ultimate Space

P130028_11z According to The Merriam and Webster Dictionary, “A garage is a place for parking or storing motor vehicles”. The birth of the home garage in America dates back to the early 1920s when car ownership really started to take off. Early garages were mostly detached. However, by the 1940s, the garage became part of the home. In the late 1960s, people started to think of other uses for their garages. In fact, a 1967 issue of Home and Garden magazine included an article entitled “From Carport to Family Room”.

Today, 25% of people with two-car garages don’t park their cars in their garages, stated a recent report done by the U.S. Department of Energy. Furthermore, 30% of homeowners only have room for one car. People’s lifestyles are demanding better use of their garage space.

If that’s the case, what are today’s homeowners doing with their garages?  

  • Converting the Garage into an Art Studio – The artist-type of homeowner can   turn their garage into an art studio with skylights, a drawing table, fluorescent lighting under ceiling soffits, and walls and ceiling painted a clean white hue. One can even add beams if the ceiling is high enough. Of course, this homeowner can create plenty of Orlando garage storage for paints, canvases and other “tools of the trade” by adding garage cabinets.
  • Converting the Garage into a Gym – A cross-trainer can convert a garage into a gym with a weight bench, weights, exercise and medicine balls, a treadmill, and an elliptical trainer. By adding a coating system to a garage floor, a homeowner can provide a floor that is impact and abrasion resistance. A climate control system can been installed so one can work out year round.
  • Converting the Garage into a Wine Cellar – Wine connoisseurs can devote a section of their garage for wine storage. A garage can be insulated and climate- controlled since wine is best stored at 56° F. By adding wall-mounted wooden racks, 60 or more fine wines can be accommodated.
  • Converting the Garage into an Apartment – The nuclear family is thriving because some young adults have decided to move back home after college and want their own space. In addition, senior parents are also moving in with her children. A garage can house a small living room with a studio couch and TV. A bathroom with shower, toilet and sink can be situated for convenience. Last but not least, a cabinet base with sink and a large counter top can be installed to separate the living room from the kitchen, and nearby can sit the cook top and refrigerator. By adding two bar stools in front of the counter, a dining area is provided. Then, paint the entire apartment an inviting color, and install a climate-control system so that the apartment is cooled and heated year round. Lastly, replace the garage door with a front door and a large picture window.

If you are thinking about giving your garage a ”lifestyle lift”, contact the Orlando garage storage experts at Garage Design Works at 407-447-8890, and ask about their various storage options, and work benches, as well as their decorative epoxy floor coatings. You’ll feel like you have an extra room in your home.

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