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Improve the Space of Your Home with a Garage Conversion

Thinking of doing something interesting with your garage space, but not quite sure what that something is yet?

Garage Design Works has several cool Orlando garage organization ideas to stimulate your creative imagination. You can transform your garage into living quarters, a place to play, somewhere to get in shape, or a custom entertainment venue. The following ideas are just a few ways to update a boring garage.

Guest Home or Studio Apartment

If you’ve ever stayed in a hotel room, you know they are typically small with minimal furnishings. Converting your garage into cozy living quarters offers family and friends a comfortable place to stay while visiting. Alternatively, you can create a studio apartment to rent to students or professionals seeking affordable housing. Renovations include installing kitchen and bathroom appliances for convenience and opting for chic garage storage cabinets such as those made by Everett. These durable cabinets are ideal for storing dishes, utensils, towels, and other necessities.

Kid’s Indoor Activity Area

Kids have lots of energy to burn throughout the day, and this energy is fine for outdoor play. When brought indoors this boisterous play time can cause annoying disruptions. Solve this dilemma by creating a space for kids to exercise and play freely. The first step of this plan is installing a protective floor covering made of strong, high-grade epoxy in a designer color of your choice. Epoxy floors are easy to keep clean. Next, add durable play equipment such as slides, tunnels, and forts to encourage imaginative play. Encourage exercise by including items such as climbing bars, a jungle gym, punching bags, and thick floor mats.  

Home Office

Working from home doesn’t always mean you have a peaceful place to complete your desired tasks. Local coffee shops are poor substitutes for having your own workspace. Creating a home office in your garage gives you a quiet place to think, write, hold important phone conversations, and do your own thing without interruption. Besides a desk, chair, and storage cabinets, you’ll want to install overhead ceiling storage systems to maximize your interior storage space.  

Home Workout Space

Forget about gym memberships. Design a home gym that includes all your favorite workout equipment on hand and ready to use whenever you like. If you’re wondering where to store smaller exercise accessories and clothing, wonder no more. Contemporary vertical storage wall solutions smartly utilize wall slats, hooks, bins, and baskets to keep all your stuff neatly organized. Tall metal cabinets can easily substitute for traditional storage lockers.

Want More Conversion Ideas?

Garage Design Works has plenty of ideas to help with Orlando garage organization and conversion. We’ll work closely with you on your dream garage conversion from design concept to installation. Contact us online today for a free consultation.

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