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Is DIY Garage Storage Worth It?

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From tinkering on cars to breaking out the tool kits, the garage can often seem like the ultimate place for do-it-yourselfers. This often means that DIYers create their own storage in the garage, too. Unfortunately, DIY or ready-made cabinetry doesn’t always hold up in the conditions of a garage like they would in a home. Here are a few reasons why your DIY storage might best be saved for another area: 

Repurposed cabinetry brings damage out to the garage. 

Have dinged up kitchen cabinets or broken cabinet doors? It’s tempting for homeowners to move the unsightly cabinetry into the garage instead of fixing the cabinets in the home or getting rid of them. By moving broken interior cabinetry outside, you tell anyone coming into your home (and remind yourself) that your garage isn’t that big of a priority. Unseemly cabinets won’t inspire homeowners to organize or leverage the space as they should. 

Not all DIY storage is safe for chemicals. 

Spills happen, especially in a garage where clutter can accumulate and cause a domino effect of chemical spills. Windshield fluid, oil, batteries — these compounds can wreak havoc on storage and eat holes through DIY cabinets and shelves. Even if you have sturdy wooden cabinetry, the wood can absorb smells and stains from a variety of chemicals. 

Metal cabinetry doesn’t immediately mean “worth-while.” 

Metal cabinets offer some of the best storage options, especially when it comes to storing chemicals or heavy tools in your garage. However, not all metal cabinetry is created equal. If you do want to put together metal cabinets for your space, look closely at the percentage of steel used. This will help reduce the risk of rusting or metal corrosion after chemical exposure. 

DIY solutions are typically worth the time and money, especially if it’s around the house. When it comes to garages, however, there’s a lot more at risk than most people realize. Trusted cabinetry can save you the frustration of short-lived DIY projects. To discover what cabinets would be best for your garage needs, schedule a free consultation