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Laundry Room Organization Tips

condo 3499680 1280 1Most people use their laundry room multiple times each week. With so many loads of laundry on your hands and a busy to-do list, keeping the space organized can easily fall lower on the priority list. However, the more organized the room is, the easier it is to get through the weekly chore. Here are a few simple tips to help streamline your laundry room organization from the experts in Orlando garage cabinets:

Create Storage Caddies

The most common source of congestion in a laundry room is the cleaning supplies. Detergent bottles, fabric softener, dryer sheets, and bleach all need to go somewhere! Instead of letting them clutter the top of your washer and dryer, contain them. You can purchase a dedicated storage caddy or simply repurpose an old shoebox. As an added bonus tip, try using caddies for your other household cleaning supplies. A caddy makes cleaning the house easier and guarantees that everything stays together.

Utilize Vertical Space

Laundry rooms can be tight, especially if you have a full-sized, side-by-side washer and dryer. Instead of struggling to make the most of the available floor space and adding shelves or cubbies, think vertical: install hooks above the washing machine for simple cleaning tools and small plastic baskets. This way, you’ll have a place to keep those easy-to-lose items like stain pens and sponges.

Use the Space Behind the Door

The ironing board can take up a lot of space when it’s propped up against the wall. Instead, hide it behind the laundry room door. If you have a solid wood door, hang hooks directly on the door and mount the ironing board that way. If not, install a rack on the wall behind the door. This will keep the board out of the way and conserve valuable floor space.

Clear Away Clutter With Cabinets

Believe it or not, Orlando garage cabinets can be used in the laundry room just as easily as in the garage itself. The units come in many different sizes and the stylish finish and look is just as at home inside the house as it is in the garage. Best of all, the storage solutions are customizable and give you the freedom to create a layout that fits your needs and your space.

No matter how cluttered your laundry room is, we have the right storage solutions to help simplify and organize the space. Contact Garage Design Works today, and see how our organization system can help your home.