Life Hacks for the Ultimate Organized Garage

Simplifying things that we typically overcomplicate is a commonly sought goal. While this may sound easy, it’s actually quite difficult, however, there is a way to jumpstart the simplifying profess. This little boost is known as a life hack.

By utilizing certain “life hacks,” things can be a bit easier. “Life hacks” are quick, easy, and often unusual tips that help make everyday life easier. The garage organization gurus at Garage Design Works have a few life hacks so you can get the most out of your organized garage.

How many times have you hit, or nearly hit, something in your garage because it’s hard to judge the amount of space in front of your car? Even if you haven’t hit anything, it’s not uncommon to pull the car up so far that it’s impossible to comfortably walk around it. The hanging tennis ball to help you stop your car in the right position may seem old school, but it’s a great way to ensure that you have plenty of walking space on all sides of your car. This ehow article can help you make your own stopper.

If your garage is still a tight fit and no amount of tennis balls will help produce more space for safe vehicle entry and exit, invest in some pool toys. Those with smaller garages may find that their car doors get banged up when opening them. Even if you crack your door, suck it in, and try to gently shimmy out, your car’s doors are still taking a daily beating. Try mounting pool noodles to the wall to cushion the blows. This way, even if they do hit, it’ll cause far less damage.

Other than protecting your vehicle, the garage is often used as a storage space for a lot of items that don’t fit, or belong, in the house. Most garages however, were not built to be the ideal storage unit. Therefore, simple modifications can be made to help open up some space. Depending on where they’re located, recycling bins can be awkward to maneuver, or they can take up unnecessary space. Try hanging them on the wall with a wall storage system to free up your floors. Bikes and helmets can also take up a good deal of room. Never fear–Garage Design Works offers bike shelves for the wall so you can store bikes and helmets together!

For more great garage storage life hacks, take a look at all of the products offered by Garage Design Works on our website. Get as creative as you want when organizing your garage. Share this post with friends and start up a conversation discussing some unique ways to organize your garage, and share your newly learned, or created, life hacks with us!

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