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How to Make Your Garage Makeover a Successful One

GAWA046PSY[1].jpg A garage makeover designed and completed by a third party may not work for you. Why? Because a planner has his or her own ideas on where items belong and how to group them, and those ideas may not mirror your own. If you delight in a round of golf every weekend, for example, your golf clubs and supplies are better suited where they are easily accessible, not in a remote corner in the back of the garage. Rather than hiring a team to complete your garage transformation, hire professionals who will ensure the placement of your equipment is where you will be able to find it quickly. The Garage Design Works specialists work closely with you, implementing as many of your ideas as possible to ensure a workspace and Orlando garage shelves and storage area that you can maintain. The following steps will also help in your quest for a successful garage makeover.

  • Remove Everything: Clear out the entire contents of your garage from back to front. Before you return it in an orderly fashion, look at what you have accumulated over time. Because the garage often becomes a holding area for items to be repaired, returned, or donated, chances are a good chunk of what you have in your garage does not necessarily need to be returned there. Call your local thrift shop or nonprofit organization to come by and pick up the items you wish to donate, or have a yard sale to generate money. Whatever is left is now ready to organize.
  • Clean: Before anything is returned to the garage, clean the area. With no impediments to trip over or bump into, it should not take long to paint the interior, scrub the floor, and wash down any work tables. Once everything looks clean, you may want to consider keeping the sparkle on the floor by contacting Garage Design Works to add an epoxy floor coating to your garage floor. Tough and beautiful, epoxy finishes can withstand almost anything garage related. Oil and grease from projects simply wipe away, the sun’s ultraviolet rays cannot penetrate or fade the finish, and the coating is durable enough to last decades.
  • Paint: Garage walls are often bare, unfinished wallboards. Give walls a fresh coat of paint before moving your items inside again.
  • Bins are Your Friends: Invest in clear, matching storage bins and begin sorting your items. Sports equipment, gardening tools, mechanic’s tools, paint and chemicals, pool supplies, seasonal items…the list of objects in your garage seems endless, and it is up to you to group them in a manner that you will be able to locate them the most easily.
  • Give Us a Call: Call Garage Design Works for your next step to learn the latest in Gladiator hanging wall systems and Gearwall wall panels, which have a simple sliding design to allow an almost unlimited arrangement of all your supplies. Clear bins can be mounted on these wall systems to keep them off the floor and away from pests and flood conditions. Their team can meet with you at your home to plan a storage system that suits your needs.
  • Light it Up: The dangling fluorescent light unit in the center of your ceiling may not be strong enough to work by if you plan on using your garage for projects. Likewise, the amount and voltage on your outlets may not be sufficient. An electrician can wire all these items for you once you determine the placement of your workstation.

Once the storage bins and accessories are properly placed on hooks, in bins, on shelves, or in cabinets, stand back and admire how nice and uncluttered your garage looks. The best part is the amount of effort you put into the work will provide you with the knowledge of where everything is located and how best to utilize the space you have. Give the Orlando garage shelves team at Garage Design Works a call at 407-447-8890 to set up an appointment for your garage makeover.

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