Make the Most of Your Garage Storage Space

It does not matter if you have a one-car garage or enough space for five vehicles, it seems you never have ample room for all your supplies. Learning how to properly store your accessories will give you a much cleaner garage and an easier time locating exactly what you need. The Orlando garage storage team at Garage Design Works has the following tips on making the most of your garage storage space.


  • What to Keep, & What to Discard: The most effective method for clearing clutter is to remove every item from the garage and arranging the items into two large piles – one to keep and one to give away or sell. When the latter pile has been removed and only the items you want to keep remain, continue to the next step.
  • To Sort or Not to Sort: Sorting is a personal preference. Some people like to place items of similar sizes together, such as water skis and garden tools with long handles – rakes, hoes, etc. This saves on space, but may be confusing for others looking for the items. Placing items you use together, such as beach items, gives a very handy method of locating items, especially if they all fit neatly within a clear, labeled bin. Beach umbrellas or small sun shade tents are sometimes too long or bulky to fit inside a bin, and the toys you use at the beach may also be toys used when your children dig in the sandbox. Sometimes the solution is stackable bins that can be categorized together as “outside fun”, for instance, then further broken into smaller classes that would ensure the digging toys would be brought to the beach as well as the park.
  • Location, Location, Location: Location is vital in planning the perfect garage storage system. How often do believe you will use the inflatable kiddie pool this summer? If you think this will be a daily toy, place it close at hand for easy access, and store the exterior holiday lights from last winter in a bin with their hooks, extension cords, and all other items to make that task simpler. No matter how you decide to divide your belongings, placing them in clear bins will give you a better idea of what you are looking for without searching through an endless array of bins.
  • Be Wary of Floor Space: While all the coordinated bins are nice to look at, stacking them on the floor takes up too much space, and could lead to disaster if your home is in a flood zone or has ever taken in water during a hurricane. Remove as many items as possible from the floor by placing them on open shelves or in enclosed cabinets.
  • Let it Hang Around: A hanging storage area above the garage door is the perfect location to store artificial Christmas trees and large yard toys. With the capacity to hold up to 800 pounds, the ONRAX Enduro-DeckTM System will keep your items secure and out of the way.


For a full line of top-quality garage organization products, call the Orlando garage storage experts at Garage Design Works at 407-447-8890. Our team can outfit your garage to give you the space you need now and in the future. Browse our blogs for custom garage designs ideas.