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Make the Most of Storing Your Holiday Decorations

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Decorating for the holidays can be a fantastic way to bond with your family. From festive lighting to garland to the oh-so-important antique tree ornaments, hauling out the holly can help create some of the most memorable moments each year. But for many, bringing out Christmas decorations means disorganized bins, tangled light strands and forgetting where you hid the Christmas tree in the garage. These tips will keep your holiday decorating merry and bright: 

Overhead Bins for Seasonal Decorations

A general rule of thumb for effective organizing is that you put the most frequently used items in easy-to-access storage. This means that (unless you’re constantly in the mood for Christmas) your seasonal items should be somewhere accessible but not prominent. We recommend overhead storage like Gladiator GearLofts. These stylish heavy duty racks keep your items safe and out of the way until next season. 

Hang Up Larger Wreaths

If you’re someone who utilizes wreaths for Christmas (or other seasons during the year), consider investing in hook systems to keep your wreaths off the floor and away from pests. Hooks can easily be interchanged to meet the needs of your decorating traditions.

Wrap Your Lights Before Storing Them

Tangled messes of lights can take hours to completely unfurl. Make it easy on yourself by wrapping your light strands around cardboard before standing them upright in a sealed storage bin. 

Shrink Wrap Your Christmas Tree

Fans of live trees can skip this tip, but if you’re someone who uses an artificial tree, this tip will help it stay clean and protected in spring, summer and fall. There’s nothing worse than finding a spider or two in your branches while decorating an artificial tree. A layer or two of shrink wrap keeps the pests out and reduces the space your tree takes up in storage. When you’re ready to bring it out next season, slice the wrap with scissors, and start decorating!

No matter the time of year, your garage can have the storage capabilities you need to keep organized. We’re the experts in garage organization in Orlando. Contact us today for a free virtual consultation, and learn more about how we can transform your garage into a space that’s perfect for your needs. Give us the details and your dream ideas; we’ll take it from there.