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Making Your Garage Fit to Showcase Your Vehicle

1 While the garage is a great place to store gear, seasonal items, and outdoor tools, some car owners dedicate their entire garage space as a showroom for their vehicles. For these individuals, the Orlando garage storage professionals at Garage Design Works offer the following tips.

  • Floor Care: A garage floor is usually pitted, cracked, and stained. This does not meet the standards of many specialty car owners who work to keep their garages as clean and dust-free as possible. Investing in an epoxy finish for your floor not only seals the cracks and evens out the pits, it keeps microbes out, can withstand the Florida sun’s intense ultraviolet rays, and makes clean up of even oil and vehicle spills extremely easy – just wipe up the fluids with a clean cloth. Even the heaviest of cars will not mar the epoxy finish, and the shiny epoxy finish remains safe – not slippery – when it’s wet.
  • Wall Accessories: Aficionados often have a large regimen of special car care products to keep their vehicles performing and looking their best. These bottles, cans, brushes, cloths, and other items are easily stored on open Gladiator shelves, closed Gladiator Everest cabinets, or open bins along a wall complete with versatile Gearwall wall panels or Gladiator hanging wall systems. Design the wall space to accommodate all the car care items you use.
  • Lights On: A beautiful car deserves a well-lit area. Common fluorescents do not highlight the special care you place in buffing and waxing your car. To truly flatter your pride and joy, install fluorescents with a color-rendition index of 75 or above. The existing garage windows and skylights should have UV-filtered window film to protect your vehicle’s paint and interior from fading.
  • Heat & Humidity: Cars in Florida are prone to the inevitable body rust; Florida is a peninsula surrounded by large bodies of salt water. Climate control within the garage will keep corrosion at bay. Humidity should be approximately 50%; if your range exceeds that number, use a dehumidifier to stabilize the amount of moisture in the air.

The beauty of your car and garage can remain pristine with assistance from the Orlando garage storage team at Garage Design Works. Call their team at 407-447-8890 to set up an appointment or ask advice, and read the blogs for an abundance of maintenance and storage information for your garage.

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