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Maximizing Your Garage Space for Hurricane Season

When hurricane season begins, an uneasy feeling lingers due to their unpredictability. The moment a nearby tropical storm is upgraded to a hurricane, questions of how to prepare immediately rush over you. As Floridians, we tend to not to worry about hurricanes until they get to a specific category, but experts say you should always plan for the worst. The strength and frequency of hurricanes are on the rise and now is the time to implement a strategic Orlando garage organization plan that maximizes the effectiveness of your space. Here are some great ideas for protecting you and your family from harm, while keeping your personal property safe from damage.

A survey by Gladiator Garage Works discovered that nearly one in four Americans are not able to fit their car in the garage because it is too cluttered. Your car is one of the most expensive purchases in your life. When a hurricane comes rolling through, do you want to risk your vehicle being exposed to the debris and high winds? I’m sure your answer is no. To move items into your garage, you need to find a place for the things that are currently there. To get more space on your garage floor, just look up! Our overhead storage options give you extra shelving to organize your garage space and bring in other items that are commonly left outside.


Bicycles that usually sit outside can be lifted off the ground during a fierce storm and turned into projectiles. If stored inside your home, you run the risk of someone getting hurt, especially when the power goes out. So what can you do? Store your bikes in the garage! Avoid having your bikes freestanding in your garage, because they can damage anything they fall against. The solution is to secure them with our sturdy bike hooks that are attached to a Gladiator hanging wall storage systems. Our patented “slat wall” track gives you the flexibility to hang your bikes vertically or horizontally.

Toys and Activity Equipment

Instead of piling toys and equipment such as balls, skates, and portable trampolines into closets, transfer them to your garage. Give yourself more space indoors, by using that same wall storage system, and its accessories. Our flexible storage baskets can be used for basketballs, footballs, and soccer balls. Open storage baskets can help tuck away items like baseballs and skating equipment. And let’s not forget those odd-shaped things like the trampoline! Just use our hooks to securely hang it on the wall near the bikes.

Barbecue Grilling Items

Protect your barbecue grill from impending damage by storing it against the garage wall between two rolling garage cabinets. This arrangement provides a buffer on three sides. Place the BBQ utensils and accessories into plastic bins and store within the nearby cabinets or garage shelving in case your power goes out and you need to use it to cook your food.

Pool and Patio Items

More than 10.4 million homeowners have pools, so it is essential to designate space in your garage for storing pool and patio accessories, as well as other outdoor portable items. Our tall Gladiator garage cabinets are durable and have multiple shelves for storing pool cleaning products, deflated inflatables, and small pool toys. Hang foldable chairs on large metal wall hooks. Patio furniture cushions can hang from ceiling hooks, or lay flat on metal ceiling shelves.

Need More Ideas?

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