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New Year, New Garage Design


With a new year comes new motivation to revisit how you use spaces around your home. One of the most popular spots to redesign? Your garage! Garages offer you the opportunity to create multipurpose space for you and your family, but after years of clutter, the garage doesn’t always live up to that dream. If your resolution involves reimagining your garage space, here are some pro tips to get started: 

Clear out the clutter. 

“Out with the old, in with the new” — or at least, in with new organization! The new year inspires many to reevaluate what they own and whether those items contribute to their overall happiness. And, more often than not, garages become the catchall for junk or forgotten items. Dedicate some time during the new year to reevaluate what can stay, what can be re-organized, and what needs to go in your garage.

Use quality storage solutions. 

While you’re organizing your garage, consider investing in long-lasting, durable storage solutions. New garage cabinets or wall hangs can make your space feel more cohesive while giving you reliable storage for your most valuable items.

Invest in a “showroom” floor. 

Garage floors can play a big part in inspiring people to spend more time in their garage. With our ArmorSeal epoxy garage flooring, we can give you showroom-ready floors that protect your space while adding value to your home. Epoxy floors are easy to clean, giving your garage years of low maintenance service. 

Show your garage walls some love. 

If one of your resolutions involves spending more time in your garage, a fresh coat of paint can do wonders. Light colored walls brighten up spaces, and they can be especially useful in lower-light locations like a garage where windows are limited or nonexistent.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your storage space or overhaul your entire garage, Garage Design Works can help you tackle any project. We’re Orlando’s trusted provider of quality garage storage solutions and epoxy flooring. Contact us today to schedule a virtual consultation. To read more about what we do, check out our blog.