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How to Optimize Your Garage to the Fullest Extent

p090482_18z.jpeg When you first begin a project, the idea is to contain it into a specific area, then clean up when the project is complete. In a perfect world, that would work every time. In reality, projects are interrupted, take more time than we originally realize, and the space required grows and grows. Garage Design Works has an abundance of Orlando garage storage system components to contain your growing projects and keep everything from straying to an unknown location.

  • Planning: Planning is an integral step before your project begins. Understand how often you are planning on using the space, the project equipment and amount of room it requires, and whether your project will need accessories in the future.
  • Storage: Once you have the parameters of the project in place, determine the furnishing you will require. Open shelves showcase the project components while cabinets hide everything from sight. Garage Design Works has a variety of floor- and wall-mounted cabinets as well as wheeled cabinets that can roll from location to location. Workbenches are another option with drawers, room for tools above and below, and solid surfaces for heavy tools.
  • Flooring: Flooring is extremely important. Garage Design Works offers a selection of durable, UV-resistant, long-lasting, and beautiful epoxy floor coatings. Once your floor is sealed, engine drips are simply wiped away, dropped tools no longer are detrimental to the cement, the surface has no cracks to harbor harmful bacteria, and water beads up to be mopped away. When cleaning and beauty meet as they do with epoxy floor coverings, the result pleases everyone.
  • Power: Most projects require power. Glue guns, drills, saws, vacuums…just about everything has a cord. Even cordless tools need chargers to recharge their batteries. Some tools, such as welders or air compressors, need 220V outlets rather than standard voltage. Check with a contractor to see if your garage is properly wired for your tools. A general rule of thumb with outlets is you can never have too many. Most outlets are approximately 6’ apart; if your project requires more, hire an electrician.

Keep your garage beautiful and your projects maintained with help from the Orlando garage storage system team at Garage Design Works. Call 407-447-8890 to begin the planning stages of your project.

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