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Organize Your Pet Supplies

You love your pets. They’re a part of the family, but like every family member, they require toys, food, and supplies to keep them happy and healthy. Unfortunately, these supplies can quickly get disorganized and make your house feel cluttered. While it may be tempting to embrace the clutter, it’s best to keep it organized with the right Orlando garage storage system. Here are a few tips to help you maximize your storage space and keep your pet supplies as organized as possible.

Start With Cabinets

The garage is the perfect place to store extra food, treats, and toys. However, leaving those items on the floor is an open invitation for pests and insects. Instead, keep those items off the ground and safely secured inside high-quality garage cabinets. This way, even the most determined pup will be unable to dig into their treats and food! Best of all, you’ll be able to block out clutter by closing the doors, helping your garage to stay clean.

Make Use of Wall Systems

Dog leashes and harnesses can be tough to find when they’re buried under other belongings. Create a designated hanging area for those daily-use items right inside the garage with hooks and vertical wall systems! Maximize space without taking up valuable floor real estate.

By adding additional racks, baskets, and bins to the wall system, you can easily access frequently used items. Designate a single bin for grooming supplies, add one for toys, and keep a container of designated pet towels on the wall so you’re always ready to tackle messes before your pet heads inside.

Label Your Bins

The key to making the most out of your organization is to be consistent in where you put items. Make things easy on yourself by labeling any plastic bins, and consider adding a label to your cabinets so everyone in the house can easily put items in their proper place.

Organizing your pet supplies is easy with the right Orlando garage storage systems in place. If you’re ready to simplify your storage solutions and make the most of your available space, schedule an in-home consultation with Garage Design Works today.

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