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Pass on Your Garage Wisdom

Whether your children are 5 or 15, it’s always a great time to start teaching them about the garage and everything stored in it. Take a look at a few easy ways to help them develop a passion that you can both enjoy together for years to come.

Safety First

Safety is paramount. Clearly explain all rules of equipment use, and ensure that kids abide by them. Insist that they wear appropriate safety gear—including safety goggles, earplugs, masks, gloves, and heavy-duty footwear—especially if they use power tools. Until they’re extremely experienced, stay present to avert potential mistakes and emergencies.

Introduce Your Kids to the Garage

Let your children see what you store in the garage. Point out your favorite tools and gadgets and explain their uses. Exercising caution, help them examine, handle, or even try out the tools they’re drawn to. Share stories associated with your tools, especially those handed down from family members.

Let Them Use Tools and Gadgets

Depending on their age, children can master all kinds of hand and power tools. Younger children can use screwdrivers, wrenches, and hammers, and older children can handle electric saws, sanders, and welding equipment. The more they use tools, the more comfortable and adept they will become.

Give Them a Project

A sense of accomplishment goes a long way to help children feel competent and confident. Once they feel comfortable with a variety of tools, complete a small project together. Let them build a simple birdhouse or a small shelf, or ask them to change the oil in your car. Ask them to help you clear out the garage so it’s ready for the new floor to be installed, or research organization options together. Tell them you value their opinion about what your garage will look. If your kids get excited to store their bikes, sports equipment, and outside games, take a look at slat wall systems!

Get More Great Advice

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